Abhyanga oil massage
Abhyanga means oil massage. The oil is of herb type and adapted to body type and imbalances. Much effort is devoted to dissolve the excess doshas and steer them toward eleminate means abdominal tract, liver and kidneys. The massage is done with hot oil for about 1.5 hours.

By stimulating marmorna can revive the connection between body and mind. The skin contains thousands of nerves that are interconnected with each part of the body. Since marmorna not superficial without reaching deep into the system, they can also stimulate mentally. Science has also proven that the skin is one of the largest producers of endocrine hormones (oxytocin).
Reduces the imbalances: stress, muscle tension, joint problems, obesity and emotional imbalances etc.
Improves: digestion, the immune system (by hormonal influences), sleep, softens the skin and reduces fatigue.

Price: 600 SEK

Massage and treatment of head, face and ears in a pattern that gives the face "lifting" and is a "little treat" with great effect. Very relaxing. About 30 minutes.
Price: 350 SEK

Children Massage (abhyanga) 30 minutes
Price kids massage: 250 SEK


Abhyanga massage

Abhyanga oljemassage



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