KAPHA - a fixed point

Common physical traits

  • Thick, strong bones, muscles well developed
  • Thick, abundant, often wavy and dark hair, tend to get fat
  • Burly, tendency to overweight
  • Slow movement patterns

Frequently mind

  • Stable and reliable
  • Need time to learn, have very good memory
  • Can be a bit slow, but is at ease
  • Disposal, patient and loving
  • Have a pleasant and friendly manner and a gentle, soft radiance

Through her stability and ways to be, regarded by others as a solid point to rely on. It feels good to be with a balanced kapha.

She likes to enjoy good food and a harmonious environment and spend therefore much time in their shaped cover lids home, preferably with guests because she often has friends visiting.

A kapha does not compete, but goes its own way and has its own rhythm. When she should answer a question, she needs to think it through carefully to come to an answer. She is diligent and reliable and a good friend.

A kapha can go too far in their treatment of others. Kapha is the type who will forgive unfaithful men / women or false friends and get fooled again and again. Conflict is very unpleasant for a kapha and she will do almost anything to avoid them. She needs to watch out not to let others walk all over her limits and instead learn to speak up. A kapha in balance is satisfied with things as they are and do not seek change, unbalanced, she becomes passive and dare not change anything. She may be suffering from drug addiction security and prevent any form of development. In imbalance, she has a tendency to melancholy and sadness, which sometimes develops into depression, a typical kaphadiagnos.

Kapha need to learn to choose precisely what she is most afraid of - challenge, stimulation and change - as also those qualities are an important part of life.

KAPHA, fundera över följande:

  • Hur reagerar du i allmänhet på förändring och utmaningar?
  • När känner du dig som mest kärleksfull?
  • Vad känner du är viktigast för att du ska må bra på det emotionella området?
  • Vilken är din svara fysiska punkt?
  • Vilken är din svaga emotionella/psykiska punkter?


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