About Maria Torp

My name is Maria Torp and is a qualified Ayurvedic health counselor and massage therapist according to Ayurveda School Human Health (www.humanhealth.se)

During a trip to India in 2009, I came in contact with Ayurveda, whose aim is to create a balance between body and soul. The first thought that came to me was that Ayurveda is common sense. There and then created my interest and understanding and feeling for the right picture. Back in Sweden, I started an education in Ayurveda which led on to a diploma as Ayurvedic health counselor in early 2013.

In the Ayurveda is the whole puzzle of life with. Everything is connected, everything is cyclical and life is so much easier to understand.

It is with great care and joy I share with you my new-found knowledge.

Maria Torp

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