Ginger - warming and invigorating

In Asia, ginger has been used for its medicinal properties for over 5000 years. Studies have shown that ginger is beneficial in a variety of health problems. In addition to the best known effects that reduced inflammation, relief of nausea, improved minimum melting and its beneficial effects in the cold, so it has also seen the positive effects of high blood pressure, menstrual pain, increased combustion and the alleviation of migraine. Ginger can be used in several different ways and the most common is to use fresh or dried root, but it is also available as candied yummy bits. It is increasingly common to take ginger in capsule form at medicinsk use.

Turmeric - antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

The golden-yellow, mild turmeric is a base herb in much of the Asian cooking but especially attracted attention in recent years for its amazing health benefits. Traditionally it has been using turmeric to enhance digestion and alleviate infections. New laboratoriestuder has demonstrated that it has slowed the deterioration of Alzheimer's in mice and has equally good results in inflammation like anti-inflammatory drugs. Moreover, it proved to have the ability to arrest the growth of cancer tumors. All this without causing any side effects of the user. The most common way to use turmeric has been in various spice blends, but with the increased medical use, it has become popular to use dried, organic turmeric in smoothies and gold milk. Turmeric is also available in capsule form, where the active substance curcumin has been concentrated.

Cinnamon - both tasty and healthy

Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices and, with its fantastic tastes and qualities had a wide range of applications throughout history. Cinnamon was so important to periodically valued it more than gold and it is even mentioned in the Bible. The spice made of dried bark from cinnamon tree and include rich in calcium, fiber, iron, flavonoids, manganese, and several potent antioxidants. Cinnamon is often used for its digestive effects, but is also antibacterial, prevents tooth decay, relieves PMS and can fight Candida. When you let people with type 2 diabetes take cinnamon regularly so it has achieved so much improvement in the symptoms that you have been able to reduce the medication. There are various kinds of cinnamon and cinnamon the standard is almost always the cheaper cinnamon cassia which may be toxic in high doses. If you want to use larger amounts of cinnamon to take advantage of all its goods, so you should choose Ceylon Cinnamon.


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