PITTA - need to drop performance

Common physical traits

  • Light, soft and warm skin
  • Freckles or liver spots
  • Nice and soft hair. Blonde or ruddy.
  • Average length/li>
  • Strong, fast and easy

Frequently mind

  • Awake and alert with a sharp intellect
  • Assimilate information quickly
  • Ample memory
  • For more information oriented than relationship-oriented
  • Ambitious, confident, courageous and curious

By its nature, a pitta targeted and perceptive. She wants to get things done as efficiently as possible, she loves to compete and hates to lose. She is hot off, sweat easily and roars up easily. She wants to be a leader. She is fast and often effective in everything she does, but sometimes impatience and can be demanding or even cruel to those who are not as fast as herself. She often succeed well with what she does. Orderliness is a matter of honor for her. She can do most of what she wants and she likes to challenge herself both physically and mentally.

The price she can pay for their high ambitions are often physical suffering. Burnout is a pretty typical pittadiagnos. A pitta burning wholeheartedly for everything she does but often go too far in their quest to be perfect.

As a manager or leader, she has difficulty delegating tasks to her subordinates because she never be sure that it'll be as good as done when she does it herself.

The imbalance can be a pitta suffer from stomach problems, migraines and high blood pressure more than other body types. She needs to relax and do nothing to recover and release its focus on performance. Her solution to the problem is to organize and perform and she finds it difficult to see other ways out of a painful situation. A pittaperson need to find a way to unconditional self-love and a way to feel good about herself even when she's not doing anything at all.

PITTA, fundera över följande:

  • Vilken är skillnaden för dig när du har för mycket att göra och när du hinner med det du tänkt?
  • När mår du bäst till kropp och själ?
  • När känner du dig som lyckligast – vad får ditt hjärta att sjunga?
  • Vad känner du är viktigast för att du ska må bra på det psykologiska området?
  • Vilken är din svaga fysiska punkt?
  • Vilken är din svaga emotionella/psykiska punkt?


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