VATA - practice makes you creative

Common physical traits

  • Thin, dry and cool skin
  • Dark, thin and unruly hair, curly or frizzy
  • Long and narrow or small and thin
  • Low-fat and moves quickly

Frequently mind

  • Artistic, creative, active imagination
  • Enthusiastic, generous, lively and cheerful, strong longing for freedom
  • Learns quickly but also forget easily

A vata needs a lifestyle and an environment that allows her to be creative. She likes variety and get bored easily, but at the same time strongly affected by the changes.

She feels good at a safe base to visit when the adventures becomes too challenging. She needs a structure that makes her do not go up to speed too much, in their creation projects or anything else./strong>

She is sensitive to sound and touch and should avoid noisy and drafty environments. She is the type who forgets to eat and drink because she's so busy.

A vata often find that both routines and structured people are boring. She believes that they restrict her freedom. In fact, the opposite is true. Routines make it possible for her to remain creative and to counter the fluctuations in energy that is common in people with this body type. A vata has a lot of energy - but can suddenly feel completely exhausted. With fixed times for sleep, meals and exercise keeps her energetic even in the long term.

A vata imbalance becomes anxious. She feels sorry for herself and finds it difficult to see her own role in different situations. She sleeps poorly and often problems with flatulence, as well as nervous about the imbalance has lasted a long time.

VATA, fundera över följande:

  • Hur kan du organisera ditt liv så att din energi blir jämnare?
  • Vilken är skillnaden för dig när du lever ett strukturerat liv och när allting går lite som det faller sig?
  • När får du mest uträttat?
  • När mår du bäst till kropp och själ?
  • När känner du dig mest inspirerad?
  • Vilken är din svaga fysiska punkt?
  • Vilken är din svaga emotionella/psykiska punkt?


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